The Indian wedding is the second largest in the world, after US. An Indian Traditional Wedding lasts for around 3 days, where a priest start the ‘Mangal Kariykaram’ by performing a Ganesh Pooja happens at home in presence of few family members and close relatives. Weddings are Often considered as important milestones in India, where both the families (Bride and Groom) invests around 60% of their life time earnings on wedding.

More than 30K weddings take place each day, which makes an average of 10Mn weddings each year in India. Indian wedding industry is worth $50 Bn and is growing year-on-year by 30% which in itself is a huge number.

The changing trends, exposure and lifestyle have changed the view of people how they see Indian Weddings now a days, let it be a Metro City or a small town wedding everyone wants it to be a Big Fat Indian Wedding, and why not this moment comes once in every body’s life says Mr Ashok Rusia founder of Aks Parinay Garden (Rusia Shamyana House), since 1965

Weddings of All Budget

India is a country of rich traditions and diverse cultures nothing defines wedding business more than the offered prices. Around 50% is nearly invested in Wedding Venue ‘I believe the increase in income and Indians are shifting towards royalty and getting everything premium is the reason why Indian Weddings are growing. In the past few years I have seen the drastic change in Indian Weddings and the way now families want everything to be organized even in small cities as ours’ said Mr Ashok Rusia.

Indian Wedding

Challenges in Wedding Business

In terms of challenges, despite extensive planning and run-through there can be certain situations that would not be in our control. It could be bad weather or unavailability of resources or decoration people or catering run-time client’s demands. However, the key is to be prepared for such challenges and with plan B for such situations says Mr Ashok Rusia, Founder of Aks Parinay Garden

Another challenge is customer lifecycle which is really small from couples getting engaged to the wedding night. Wedding guys have keep them self on toes and keep spreading words and market themselves.

However, despite of challenges growing opportunities are much more in a wedding industry.

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