Development Why website security affects SEO rankings

While website security is of utmost importance for developers, there’s no denying it affects the overall SEO as well. The best developer knows how to make a balance without ignoring any of these two aspects. There is a lot of difference when compared to the initial and current usage of the internet. People have become smarter in their use of the worldwide web. This happened due to the challenges it posed in the initial days and how users and experts found solutions and better ways of handling the challenges related to the internet. Website Security and Digital Marketing are standing thick in this vast online world, every day, there is new challenges and solutions are being looked for. People think they are safe by following the quintessential formula of firewalls, not giving personal information, using unique passwords, and not sharing them with anyone. However, hackers are waiting for any small opportunity to strike websites and users. They are way more tech-savvy than any general website user might expect.

SEO and Website Security goes hand in hand.

Digital Marketers need to take website security very seriously. The lack of online security can directly affect your SEO. If you have been optimizing your website’s technically SEOs and now to move into security aspects of that website. Remember it is not that difficult. There are ways you can ensure that website is secure and optimized well for the better ranking by search engines. For more information you can contact an SEO company.

Let’s discuss how website security is affecting your SEO.

  • Switch to HTTPS – A website needs to earn its organic ranking and it is an obvious fact that most you must know. Most of the SEO experts keep trying to figure out what Google algorithms want in high-quality content for best search rankings. instead of focusing on user’s need and search intent. Users always want relevant authoritative content and should be provided content that is accurate and also safe to interact. It should not pose a security threat to users. An unsecured website puts user’s online security at risk, along with making a negative impact on website SEO. To secure data and to show users that the website is secure, you will need to switch to HTTPS domain distinction. It requires purchasing and SSL. Google has made it a key ranking factor, and if your site doesn’t have an SSL you are outdated and it will severely affect the ranking. If you are spending time and money on other SEO factors there is no point ignoring this at any cost. Please note switching to HTTPS may not give you a sudden spike in ranking or visitors but it is an important factor that will help you in the long run
  • Avoid getting Blacklisted – If you don’t have SSL certificate it doesn’t mean the website has malicious intent. In-fact, safeguarding your website should be a top priority, because content is gold in online world. A lot of effort goes into content creation and if you don’t safeguard the website, you may end up losing everything to hackers. 
  • SEO is the primary reason for website hacking – If your Website is not secured, it may end up getting hacked for link building. We know backlinks play an important role in SEO, and it’s not easy to get backlinks from reputable websites. It might be too late before you realize your error. If the hackers have hacked the website and use it for link building, this linking is associating you to the websites that you do not want to be associated with. This is precisely what search engines like Google will notice and may end up blacklisting your website. Security helps to protect the integrity of Websites so that you don’t get penalized for other’s wrongdoing.
  • Users need to see that you are trustworthy. Users have become aware of online risks, and when they visit your website; they will most likely be alert for any red flags. If they see your site is not secure, you can rest assured that they will without clicking anything on your page. If you notice that your website has a high bounce rate. One of the parameters to check SEO. Lack of security might be one of the primary reasons. You may fix this security issue however; you will have lost a lot of potential visitors. it’s important to work on website security before you build any content. It should be the first step as soon as the domain is set up.


The ultimate goal of SEO is to ensure users leave your website on a positive note, getting all the information they needed and ready to visit again. You may not see the financial impact of website security initially; however, in the long run, you will realize the importance of website security and how it affects SEO. It is your responsibility to give the user a secure environment and add value to their visit. It’s similar to a physical retail store, would you enter a store if you don’t feel safe and secure, or have an unpleasant experience on an earlier visit. Probably not!

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