How to Monitor your Employee at the Workplace with TOS Spy App

We all understand in the workspace; we have to maintain the dignity of the space and make sure that all the work is going smoothly. The employees are hired to perform the task in the relevant projects based on their expertise. Most of the employees forget about their job and waste time doing everything but the project work. While you are working in an organization, there are multiple rules and regulations that the employees have to follow. When employees are not working at their best base, and their best expertise, the employee has to take action. So, the employers are now using the spy on employee apps to make sure that the work is not disturbed because of employees’ responsibility for lack of discipline.

How to monitor your employees at the workplace?

The workplace is space where there are most of the people working, and it is impossible to keep an eye on all the employees at one time. The reason for the invention of the spy apps is to take care of the employees and to keep an eye on them as well while they are working in the working environment. The monitoring and tracking apps are the reason and the consequence of the employee’s responsibilities and lack of discipline. Now the employers are using this is excellent apps on the targeted device such as desktop computers and even cell phones of the employees to make sure that their employees are on track and on disturbing the flow of work. 

The question arises that how are you going to monitor your employees at the workplace. There are a lot of apps that are developed specifically for the monitoring and tracking purposeful stop the first. The most successful app is TheOneSpy app for the monitoring and tracking of the employees. This app is designed specifically for the monitoring purpose that can help the employers to have an Upper Hand on the employees while the employees are working under them.

Here is how you can use TheOneSpy App to monitor the employees while they are working. It is a simple, three-step process. Make sure you follow these steps to monitor and track your employees accurately with the unlimited features of the spy app.

  • Purchase
  • Download
  • Activate

Purchasing of TheOneSpy app

The first thing that you have to do is to purchase the app using the website of TheOneSpy app will stop there you will find out different packages and versions of the app that are available for the purchase. You can get the basic plan of 18 Dollars per month for the lite version.

You can also opt for the quarterly or annual packages that are available for the bridges. The premium version is also available with a lot of other features that can benefit you and many different ways.

Downloading of TheOneSpy app

Now you can move on to the next step that requires you to download TheOneSpy app on the targeted device. The targeted device can be a desktop computer a laptop as well. Moreover, you can download the app on the mobile phone in the Android or iOS as well. So, you will have complete command and control of the employee’s working schedule.

Activating the app

After you purchase the app from the website, you will receive an activation code and a password that will lead you to the control panel. As soon as you have downloaded the app on the targeted device, you can then move onto the activation process. The password that you have received after the purchase of the will help you to use the control panel and check all the features of the app and the software. You can also record the screen and use the camera to see the surrounding of the targeted device.


You can use the method to spy on the employees to see if the employees are right on track or not. You can use the performance of the employees for better upgrades and promotions as well. And it will also help you to know who has been leaking the information in your company.

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