All You Want To Know About Cloud Kitchen

First thing that comes in anybody’s mind by the name Cloud Kitchen could be a new restaurant concept where you and your loved ones will sit in an ambiance which is themed on clouds.  Well that’s a wrong guess; cloud kitchen is something which doesn’t have any physical existence, no dine-in facility available overall it does not exists as a restaurant of any type. It relies totally on third party integration orders are taken from web / app or direct calls.

The cloud kitchen format gives flexibility to restaurants to use the same infrastructure to start a new food brand. Example; if a restaurant who deals in Chinese food decides to add Italian Food to the menu. Instead of adding Italian food to his current menu e can start a new brand for Italian Food that will attract foodies as well. As no one will prefer to order Italian food from a Chinese Restaurant though the food is prepared by the same cook.

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What it takes to run a Cloud Kitchen 

  • Order Tracking

All orders are taken and tracked online, therefore a very strong tracking system will be needed like cloud kitchen POS is a must. There will be multiple orders to multiple brands and channels to deal with when it comes to collecting and maintaining a record which is manually impossible to do. In such scenario a very well maintained IT system is needed.

Another means of taking order is via telephonic calls, one must have a very strong call center panel that will route the orders to the right brand and outlet when you have multiple brands running all together.

  • Order Processing

Generally all orders are processed in a normal way, the only difference could be of brand and food item to be processed. To cater this one can have different chefs to prepare different food under a senior chef. One can install a big POS in kitchen where chefs can see the orders on screen and can have better idea of tracking like what’s prepared and what need to be prepared

  • Inventory Management

This is one of the tricky and difficult task to maintain cloud kitchen inventory under the same roof. One can maintain and distribute inventory in two ways:
i) Distribute inventory to brands
ii) Keep a track of order and estimate that this much must have been consumed by XYZ brand.

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Since Cloud Kitchens have no such physical outlet, the marketing needs of a cloud kitchen are very different from those of a regular restaurant. Since there is no outlet where the customers can just walk-in, a cloud kitchen essentially loses out on visibility. To compensate for this, a powerful marketing and branding strategy are required. Here are some things that you can do to market your cloud kitchen.

  1. Have online Presence

All of your orders will be placed online via call or website. One should have a strong presence online Digital Marketing can play a very important role in bringing visibility to your kitchen brands. Run online ad campaigns on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc and acquire users by giving some discounts on yummy to tummy food items.

  1. Third Party Integrations

Integrate your brand with Zomato, Swiggy, foodpanda etc. It’s a must for your business. Being on these platforms will bring more orders and crowd to you and they have their own delivery system that will not cost much on your pocket as well. The amazing part will be users who order from such apps doesn’t know whether food is being delivered from a restaurant, delivery kitchen, a ghost kitchen or a cloud kitchen. All they know is that food looks good let’s try it from here.

  • SMS and Email Marketing

This practice is not much effective to bring new customers, rather than that you can send messages and email to your existing customer base and bring them back to order. SMS updates on new dishes can help you to bring customers aback and order food with new menu items.




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