Kodachadri Trek – A complete guide to the peak

After a bit delay, Now it’s time for me to jolt down why my trek to Kodachadri was Awesome. A perfect place, a perfect sky, perfect weather, and an ideal team that’s the ingredient needed to call your trek a perfect one. Slightly then pointing out how our trekking trip to Kodachadri was, this time, I will write about how you can make it a memorable one.

What’s Kodachadri?

Kodachadri is a mountain peak (altitude – 1343 m above sea level) in the Western Ghats in South India (Karnataka State). [ map here]

Where is Kodachadri?

Nearly 160 Km from Mangalore, towards Kollur. Kollur is a place famous for its Mookambika temple, and Kodachadri Trek is considered to be the peak where ‘Shankaracharya’ did meditation.

How to reach there?

Take a bus from Mangalore to Kollur (2 hrs journey). And for the people coming from Bangalore, the best way will be getting a bus from Bangalore to Kundapur (a night journey) and from there getting a bus to Kollur (45 minutes).

What to carry and what not to?

Enough water for two days to survive, Packaged Food item, Torch, salt to get rid of parasites, and also a good pair of jacket/sweater. Avoid heavy luggage.

My Experience?

10:00 am

The ideal time to reach Kollur will be 10:00 am. After getting down at Kollur, Give a visit to Kollur Mookambika temple and also if possible to have a meal from the temple itself. As we reached Kollur, it was nearly 11:30 am.

01:00 pm

Take a bus(Hanuman travels) which goes towards Shimoga. Make sure you don’t miss this bus. Just a 30 mins journey and you are at the start of your trip. Get down at Kodachadri Gate, the starting point.

2:00 pm

The excellent trekking experience starts now. On the right side of the road, you can find a mud/stone road which is the path which leads to your destination. After trekking for around 4 – 5 kms, we reached a small school and a village surrounding it. This first trekking is very mild and can be quickly completed in 1 -2 hrs. From here starts the actual trekking. As we reached there, the sight of the peak cleared, and the road leading to it became harder. Make sure you ask the route and also fill your water at the Santhosh hotel at the village. The Most breath-taking scenes of the trekking start from here. As we walked up through the narrow route, the sky started clearing, and the clouds began moving so close to us that we stopped many times to take snaps. And as we moved from one peak to the other the destination became apparent, the Kodachadri guest house became visible.

5:00 pm after an overall 8 kms trekking we reached the Kodachadri guest house, built by the government for the trekkers and devotees who come here. Also, there are 2-3 other shops which cater to food. We had our evening snacks from one of the shops beside the guest house and set for another round of trekking towards the ultimate peak, Sarvajna Peetha, Where Sakaracharya did meditation. This last 1 km trek was the great picture-perfect path. Throughout this 1 km, we felt like we were walking towards the sky and clouds were all below us. The sunset was amazing. With the sky turning reddish and sun slowly setting into the Arabian sea.

7:00 pm

After 45 mins of mild trekking, we reached the very first place on the peak, the Sarvajna Peetha, a small temple-like structure built of stone, the best place to spend the rest of the night. After the sunset, it’s time for a campfire. We collected some firewood and set up a tiny campfire. With the wind blowing, it was great to work.

09:00 pm

After hours of hard work on setting up campfire and lots of singing exercise, it’s time for some appetite pooja. The water was boiled, and the noodles were more delicious than ever. The night was chilling cold with the wind blowing from all the direction. For me, at least the sleep came fast, as soon as I moved inside the sleeping bags.

Day II :

8:00 am

Even though the clock says 8, the sun was not at all in sight. Cloud and mist surrounded the whole environment. After an hour of hiding and seeking the sun, we decided to trek back. The trekking back to the guest house was very much refreshing and great with the mild morning wind lashing the face with a fresh monsoon smell. There are places to get fresh. Also, the cook at the guest house prepares some breakfast snacks.

9:00 after a good breakfast and refilling our water bottles, we decided to descend the Kodachadri towards the place we started. After a walk for 2-3 hrs, we reached the same road where we had got down from the bus yesterday. It all went as per the plan, We reached the way by around noon, and after a wait, here it is the bus to Kollur. And the end of lovely and perfect trekking.

Note: For the people who want to avoid staying on the peak in the night, can book the guest house in advance and plan to come down to the guest house after sunset.

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