Matching Bedspreads and Cushion Covers

Little by little, autumn shows that it has arrived. The temperatures are still nice, but with a tendency to cool, especially at night. In Don Textile’s online store, autumn is also noticeable, but it is noticeable because bed linens begin to arrive that respond to the needs of sleepers during a season as changing as autumn.

One that can already be seen is the new season, with collections of matching quilts and cushion covers that reflect the best of seasonal trends coupled, as always, with high-quality textiles.

Matching Bedspreads and Cushion Covers

Versatile and functional are the new bedspreads for this fall. On the one hand, it stands out that these are light bedspreads with a fine padding, which makes them perfect garments for dressing the bed in intermediate seasons, but also to have a fine coat if the night is cooler. A clear example of these bedspreads are the crochet bedspreads , which are also presented in beautiful neutral colors, very easy to include in all kinds of bedrooms due to the many possibilities they offer when it comes to combining decoration.

Although if it is about finding bedding with a high decorative result, we must not lose sight of the possibilities offered by reversible bedspreads, which have an original design on each side, so that if you choose the one choose, the effect will be perfect. Of course, they are also ideal bedding for dressing the bed in the intermediate seasons.

The best thing about Mydeal is that it completes its collections with matching cushion covers for the bedding, in this way it is much easier to coordinate matching quilts and cushion or best quilt covers creating a beautiful harmonious decoration in the room.


Summer is here, and with it the summer bedding. The heat makes us feel heavy and tired, and it is essential to rest well to start the day with maximum energy. For that, the most important thing is to choose correctly what type of textile material we will dress our bed with.

There is nothing better than waking up next to that sea breeze and being able to cover ourselves with a thin and fresh sheet … I am not mistaken, right? That is a pleasure that we all like!

To make the choice less laborious and to have things very clear, what better than to review the best materials for the summer?


All the materials are not the best suited to combat the heat and can make us have a bad night. So you have to know how to choose well, because as mentioned above, summer rest is a very important part of the day. And it’s not that I say it, even the news says it.

In order to choose the perfect summer bedding, the key is to choose between these types of fabrics:


As its name suggests, this material is 100% natural, which will provide us with unbeatable benefits. Thanks to its flexibility, and being vaporous and very fine, it adapts to our body offering a unique softness.

This type of fabric is ideal for the hottest summer nights, since they regulate the temperature perfectly and do not retain moisture. Also one of its advantages is that, being so thin, they allow you a very high mobility, allowing you to sleep … How do you say? Yes, “on the loose”.


Linen sheets have become less popular over the years, but this time is up. Although today they are not yet used too much, we can find them with an increasing presence in stores.

One of the reasons for his return is its advantages. These sheets will be perfect to spend the summer, and they allow the absorption of body moisture. Thanks to its fine and soft fabric, together with its lightness, they will allow incredible breathability. If you are one of the people who likes to sleep like kings, this is the right material for you!


Yes, it is one, if not the most, known among bedding materials. Although it is true that 100% cotton garments are a little “veneers”, when it comes to comparing quality-price they are excellent. If it stands out for something, it is for its benefits. This type of material offers you an incomparable softness and freshness, and totally natural!

As in linen or silk sheets, cotton allows a unique breathability and will allow us to have the freshest and most pleasant sleep. But their advantages do not end here, the duration of these cotton sheets will not be a problem, since being of a resistant material they will accompany you for a long time. Cotton does not deceive chics!

Inside cotton, we can find other perfect varieties for summer. On the one hand we have percale cotton sheets, very durable thanks to the density of their threads and with characteristics similar to 100% cotton. Finally, one of the most curious fabrics on the market, jersey cotton. This cotton derivative comes from 100% Egyptian cotton and is capable of regulating the temperature perfectly.

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