Quick and Easy Hacks to Plan A Budget Roka While You Sit at Home!!

Budget friendly wedding events can be fun and easy pretty. Planning a budget friendly Roka is not easy, while you are quarantined at home you have all the time to do planning and research that a fun and lively roka will need. We have created a list of easy to do hacks that will help you out.

Cut Down Your Guest List

Wedding events will be going to be a key when lockdown is lifted. Considering current covid-19 scenarios which have restrictions on large gathering, cut down your guest list. This way you can have hygiene control and fits your budget as well.

Opt for A Home Venue

You can do it on terrace or lawn that fits your and accommodate your guests at your house. Most of the fated society have clubhouse too, check with your society as well for the same.

Pick Your Outfit
You don’t need to spend a lot on outfits for Roka, specially when you are planning function at home surrounded by near and dear ones only.  Pick something that can be re-used and don’t have a big price tag too.


You don’t need a DJ system, instead borrow it from your decorator or any friend a good music system. Create your own play list and ask any of your friend or family member to be your DJ of the event.

Do Up the Décor
Just because it’s a budget Roka you didn’t have to go away with the décor. You can contact your wedding venue décor to suggest few of the ideas within budget says Mr Ashok Rusia Founder of Rusia Shamyana House.

Yes, To Delicious Food

Food is something you should not compromise on especially in terms of quality and taste. Pick good yet limited menu for your roka

Cut Down on Unnecessary Expenditures

Here are some of the expenses that you can say no to:
Exotic Flowers – They do lookgood, but they cost a lot. Decorate it with local flowers

Printed invites- Give invitation svia digital invitations they are creative and fun as well, think of some GIF’s or Videos. They will also cut the printing cost.

Cake- Love a Hige Cake! Save it for your wedding

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