RUSSIA TRAVEL for First Timers – what YOU NEED to KNOW

The first thing we needed to do was apply for a visa, most people have to do this, since very few countries 

whose residents can enter Russia without a visa  To obtain a visa, we had to provide proof of arrival and departure dates or an invitation  We decided to turn to a large hotel chain because they are more used to working with international visitors  The application process can take several weeks and you will have to send your passport, so make sure you do not need your passport during this time.  However, it is possible to visit St. Petersburg for 3 days without a visa in the event that you show up by ship or journey transport through a confirmed voyage supplier 

and you can arrive in the city 72 hours without a visa  and this is a great option to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, if you do not want to go through the whole process of obtaining a visa 

if you are traveling to Russia to participate in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, then you are exempt from the usual rules for applying for a visa information on how to get a fan passport can be obtained on the FIFA website of your country Once you get to Russia, you will find that most of the population does not speak English widely 

even in huge urban areas, for example, Moscow and St. Petersburg, most of the people we came across spoke little English St. Petersburg was a little better, as this is a great tourist destination, but still few people know English. Most of the signs and pointers are written in Cyrillic, and if you are not familiar with it, it will make it difficult for you to find the path  Using sign language, and Google translator, it was not difficult for us to interact with local residents and find a way Many restaurants around the main tourist areas were translated into English or into several languages. Also maps and brochures of major tourist attractions At some attractions, even conducted special tours in English at certain times Going around both the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, I note a rather terrible traffic, and a taxi is quite expensive Waiting for a car or bus can take a long time when traffic becomes poor However, Moscow has an amazing Metro system, with a huge network of interconnected lines, with which we can effectively get anywhere in the city  With a Metro map, it’s easy to navigate stations and there are even ads in English 

The metro is extremely modest to utilize, a ticket costs $ 0.5, and  you can get it anyplace in the city Moscow metro is considered the most beautiful in the world and the most popular tourist attraction  Of course, we used the metro exclusively to get anywhere while we traveled around Moscow However, if you do not want to walk between stations, or you feel uncomfortable in public transport, then Uber taxi is a great alternative It is a lot less expensive than charges, and a ton of drivers when we utilized it, we didn’t need to stand by long The metro in St. Petersburg is almost the same in price, and the stations are more scattered here we moved more on Uber, now and again. Since there were three of us, trips to Uber turned out to be a bit cheaper than buying three tickets for the subway 

Petersburg is also more touristic, and most of the main sites are located in places that Petersburgers call the Golden Triangle. 

In this way, most visitor locales are inside strolling separation There are also many sightseeing buses and pleasure boats that will take you to the main places Money! In Russian currency, this is rubles, and I expected to spend a lot of money Russia turned out to be surprisingly cheaper than I thought, Moscow will be an expensive city and we need to find ways to save on our budget. In Moscow, we had a hotel on the edges of the city and a couple of moments stroll from the metro station Since the metro was close and convenient, we saved a huge amount of money, compared to a hotel in the city center, and did not cause us many problems  On the off chance that you are an understudy, there are a few exhibition halls and attractions that offer a rebate on the off chance that you show a substantial understudy ID and if you are looking for a cheap lunch, then take a look at what is called a business lunch, these are preferential dishes designed for a large flow of visitors, you need to eat quickly. in any case, that way you can set aside cash Tickets and attractions! With regards to purchasing tickets for trips to exhibition halls or shows, I generally suggest getting them on the web and if conceivable ahead of time

There are several places that are very popular, and tickets can be sold for several weeks, before that in Moscow.For instance, we truly missed the date to see the exhibition hall of weapons in the Kremlin, there was a breaking point on the quantity of individuals and we didn’t If you plan to visit the Kremlin, it is good to know that there are separate entrance tickets. Such as the entrance to Cathedral Square, the Armory and the Bell Tower The weather in Russia can be very unpredictable and change very quickly, we were there in the summer, but after a few days we experienced as if all four seasons in a few hours 

Get ready comfortable garments and don’t anticipate that the climate should be correct.If you leave your hotel on a warm sunny day, it’s a good idea to bring along a raincoat, or maybe even a light sweater. Sometimes a scarf was a good idea, because some churches would require women to cover their heads when they go to church Food! There are many interesting and unique Russian dishes, we tried a lot of them and found that most of them are pretty good, one of them was our favorite potato dumplings. If you do not want to visit the local cuisine, you will be glad to know that there are many international restaurants in fast food chains and you will find everything you want. If you are looking for light  get best flight deals on  Delta Airlines Reservations

 What to see and what to visit in Moscow and St. Petersburg? 

Moscow and St. Petersburg are two totally various urban areas, however both offer unfathomable spots. In Moscow, we visited Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, GUM department store, the Kremlin, Tsar Cannon, and Tsar   Bell,the cathedral, and museums 

Likewise, Tverskaya road, where there are numerous bistros and cafés, just as gift shops. The Moscow metro is not only beautifully built, but also surprisingly clean, although it is one of the busiest metro in the world To buy souvenirs, you can take the metro to the so-called “Flea Market”, the prices here are usually low, although when we were there the market was slightly blown away. Also a great view of the stadium, Moscow State University and Moscow city seven sisters towers In St. Petersburg, we recommend visiting the Church of the Savior on Blood; believe me, it’s worth it! 

A canal cruise is also a great way to see the sights and see another perspective of one of the many canals that pass through the city. Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac’s Cathedral are also a great place, you can go inside if you want, and climb the stairs to the bell tower to see a beautiful view of the city Palace Square, Winter Palace. The fact that it was once a magnificent residence of the Russian Monarchs, and now it is part of the Hermitage 

 Which is one of the biggest and most great exhibition halls on the planet.

We definitely spent the whole day in the Hermitage and still have not seen everything, so we went to the Peter and Paul Fortress and we also did not have enough time to see everything  I’m going to Peterhof, it’s located outside the city, and it’s about 40 minutes, but it’s worth getting there Despite the fact that all the news loves a sensation, we never felt the danger, but there are things that we heard about, you should know about one thing One thing is that you must be careful when photographing any government and military buildings, if you are not sure, it is better to be on the side of caution, there have been cases of arrest or fine Also, you should always have a photocopy of your passport and visa, because you may be required to see your documents 

Russia is not as dangerous as it is portrayed by Western media. 

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