Special Ayurvedic tips for beautiful skin

Everyone desires beautiful skin. Many times, the skin begins to look dull due to acne, wrinkles, blackheads, skin tan etc. In such a situation, women bring a variety of products from the market and start using ayurvedic beauty tips without knowing what the effect will be on the skin. As a result, the skin gets worse. Many types of side effects begin to appear. 

These face creams, lotions, serums, etc. contain many chemicals that damage the skin. If you want your skin to look beautiful, glowing and healthy again, try some home and ayurvedic beauty tips.

These days most people use a lot of cosmetic products to make themselves beautiful. In such a situation, they have to face reactions to these products at times. Also, there are many far-reaching negative effects on the skin. To avoid these problems, we must now go to our roots, that is, adopt traditional Ayurvedic knowledge that has been going on for centuries. Today we will mention a few selected Ayurvedic remedies, which women have been using to enhance their beauty over the years.

Cucumber for glowing skin

Cucumber is such a virtuous thing, which must be eaten once a week. Also, cucumber is also considered very beneficial for the skin. The body heat is trimmed by eating it. To make the skin glowing, apply cucumber juice or cucumber paste on the face.

Potatoes get rid of spots on your face

Potatoes are not only used for eating but also applied to the skin. To remove dark spots from your face, take a slice of potato and lightly massage it. Apply potato juice on the face. Applying it on the face every day makes the face glow.

Coconut water for skin

Coconut water is very beneficial. Drinking coconut water daily brightens up your skin. Washing face with coconut water removes stains. Applying coconut paste on the face makes the colour shine. You must try this effective recipe of Ayurveda.

Tomato for a brighter face

Tomatoes not only enhance the taste of your vegetable but also give a new colour to your skin. Mix two spoons of tomato juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on the face and wash it after 20 minutes. The face will look radiant. Also, the spots on your face will also disappear gradually. This is a very special Ayurvedic recipe for those with oily skin.

The honey trick for the skin

In traditional herbal vaidyas hone is used to prepare many face packs. Mix gram flour, honey, olives, milk cream and apply on the face as per traditional herbal vaidyas. Add 3 tablespoons gram flour, honey, milk cream and 1-1 teaspoon of olive oil to this mixture. Apply on face and after 20 minutes wash it with clean water.

Ripe bananas for a fairer skin

Banana is very good for the skin. Mash the ripe bananas thoroughly. Apply it on the face like a face pack. Wash it after about 15 minutes. Apply blood sandalwood paste after washing your face properly. It is believed that by doing this, the skin of the face gets tremendous improvement.

Internal cleaning of the skin with lemon

Lemon acts as a miracle medicine for the skin. To improve the colour, apply lemon juice on the face. Wash your face after some time. Applying lemon juice mixed with tomato juice also cleanses the skin and begins to turn a fair complexion.

Face wash with neem water

Everyone knows that neem is a boon for skin and hair. Neem has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant properties. Neem protects the face from dark spots, acne and gives the face a natural glow. You boil neem leaves in water and after cooling it wash the face with this water. You can also crush and mix neem leaves and make a face pack.

Apart from this, Use only ayurvedic skincare products on your skin. There is a wide range of products available in the market which are naturally made without using chemical ingredients. For a wash, use a good face wash only. Choose a face wash according to your skin as it helps to retain the natural moisture of your skin. Herbal facewash is the best option for this. It does not have side effects. You can also use neem, aloe vera and mint fashion wash for oily skin. They can be used. For dry skin, you can use saffron, milk and honey face wash. While scrubbed face wash is used for dead skin and tanning.

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