Things You Should Do About Postponing Your Wedding Right Now !!

Yes, the anxiety is for real! Most of the couple’s excitement is now been replaced with fear – yes, a lot of uncertainty around, the coronavirus wedding postponing are in order. Considering no couple would like to frame the best memories of their life in a mark. No one is sure that by what time lockdown will continue, and by when situation will be in control and safe for big get togethers. So, if you are considering postponing, here is what you should keep in mind

Take Decision As Soon As Possible

Yes, decision about postponing wedding date. Of course, both the families should be on the same page for this decision. Decide till what time you are postponing the wedding, keeping in mind that it’s still unknown how long this pandemic will last says Mr Ashok Rusia founder of Rusia Shamyana House.

Update Everyone

So of course, you have to inform every one, as most of the people have to re plan their journey. Easiest way is to send a WhatsApp message to everyone, or say it in a positive and a creative way by creating a date change card or creating a quick update on Facebook and Instagram.

Inform the Vendors

Very important part, do inform all of your vendor. Tell them the tentative date and make sure the dates are available. As most the weddings of this season will be postponed to next season, in context of the same many vendors, wedding venues may also face loss.

Be Positive

Can understand, you feel lost when all of a sudden all of your set date plans have to be changed. Make the best use of this time, plan more, find out more party themes and ways to décor.

Remember, this too shall pass, and you will be back to looking forward to your wedding before you realise it. So, make the best of this time!!

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