Top Team Management Apps for iPhone Users

Do you have a team that works remotely? Do you have a busy schedule that you cannot view the project timelines always? Do you work on different client projects simultaneously? If you have “yes” as an answer for all the above-mentioned questions, then it is time that you choose to go for a project management solution available in the form of an iOS mobile application.

To help you get an understanding of project management tools, we have come up with a list of the top ones in the market. If you wish to build one for your business then you can hire iOS app developers who have the right skills and talents for the job.


Asana is a work management tool that is cloud-based and comes with features that offer support for project management, communication, and collaboration. Users can use this tool to create projects and tasks, assign them, and to add deadlines. Users can upload documents to tasks, add team members to the project, and even tag others in the comments. The tool comes with a Calendar feature where the user can view tasks and that too with due dates.

Asana comes with offline features named as iOS offline where the users have the access to comment on tasks, change the due date of tasks, change the assignees on the task, invite teammates, look into task notifications, etc.

Businesses of all sizes can use Asana. This project management tool can be used for projects within the organization or at the global level.


Trello is a project management tool that comes with collaboration features and is completely cloud-based. The tool comes with a few features like activity tracking, task planning, task management, and commenting.

The iOS users of Trello can use a phone browser or desktop to connect with Google Calendar using the Trello board. However, it is not possible to see the changes made by the user in Trello instantly when the app is synced with Google Calendar. This happens because Trello connects with outside applications just once in a day.

Small and mid-sized businesses can go for Trello. Such a project management tool can work well for the marketing and sales team that wants to stay updated and have complete visibility of the funnel quickly.


JIRA is another project management tool that can help you with progress tracking, collaboration tools, activity tracking, and agile reporting. To plan and view the progress of projects, users can make use of scrum boards and Kanban boards. In order to make stakeholders understand the project, the users can create roadmaps.

iOS users using JIRA can view comments, attachments, and issues. They can even check issue links and apply the filters that they choose to have. However, the user will have to go for the desktop interface available in the app if they wish to create new issues or make modifications.

Mid and large-sized businesses can use JIRA. The software development teams can benefit from it as it offers issue management features apart from being a project management tool.

Final thoughts

For managing a team it is important to have good leadership skills and a project management tool can help you take care of things efficiently. This is where iOS apps for project management comes in. It helps in achieving better collaboration and management of projects and tasks. This way, the teams would be able to deliver better performance and boost productivity. Finally, as a business entity, you can choose to go for an iOS app development company that can help you build the best project management tool as per your business needs.

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