Types of Hats to Renew your Look

There are timeless accessories that transcend any style and that can be a perfect complement to any look. Get to know the different types of hats that you can add to protect yourself from the sun, to protect yourself from the cold or, simply, to achieve an original outfit for a special moment.

Although the hat does not occupy an important place among the Argentineans’ favorite accessories, more and more women and men are encouraged to incorporate them into their wardrobe with different objectives. It can be to combat cold or heat or as a fashion accessory to put together a look with a particular style, but the options are many and, if you are exploring where to go, we will tell you which are the most popular.

Types of fashion hats

The designs hats have changed and evolved over time. They are a very dynamic accessory, which has been used for different purposes at very different times and circumstances, from going to the beach or a party to working in the fields. Check this custom embroidered patches

The most popular types of hats are:

  • Panama
  • Pamela
  • Bowler hat
  • Cowboy
  • Mexican
  • Turban
  • Fedora
  • Trilby
  • Cap
  • Floppy

In addition to the styles, there are different materials, fabrics, designs and colors. If you know how to wear it, a hat can be a great complement to make an elegant look even more spectacular, and it can also go well with an elegant sport or casual style. Here, the characteristics of each type of hat and how to wear them.

Beach hat

The Panama hat and the Pamela are two perfect examples of beach hats. The first is the typical straw hat braided together and with a colored ribbon surrounding it. It has a wing, although not very exaggerated, and a medium crown. It is light and goes well with both a beach style and a casual style.

The Pamela hat can be used both for the beach and for events and parties during the day. It is a wide-brimmed hat and is made of straw.

It complements informal and formal outfits very well and you can find them in different colors. It is one of the quintessential women’s hats and became super popular thanks to the famous Grace Kelly.

Both Panama and Pamela types are lightweight and can also be used as spring hats .

The bowler hat

This is a low, rounded top hat made of felt and stiff in texture. The bowler hat is a classic. It is the typical men’s hat used by English gentlemen. It became more popular thanks to comedian Charles Chaplin and London stock exchange bankers and brokers.

If you want to give a classic touch to your style, we recommend you opt for a bowler hat. You will be a top knight. For bolder women, this is a very beautiful type of hat too. It has a very distinguished European touch.

Cowboy hats

The cowboy hat, as its name says, was originally used to work in the fields: it is a typical clothing item for the American cowboy.

It has a wide wing and a high crown. It is made of straw and, in general, the wings are usually located near the head, on the sides. It is a hat that can also be used to go to the beach or for some other adventure or also to unwind an elegant sport look .

Mexican Hat

Its original name is “sombrero de charro”. This traditional element of Mexican clothing is made of wool, fur or straw and usually has bombastic colors or silver or gold embroidery, although it can also be the color of natural straw.

Its main function is to protect whoever uses it from the intense rays of the sun, and this is due to its very wide wing. If you prefer it lighter, we recommend you choose a straw one; if you prefer something more decorative and traditional, choose one of fur or wool.


It is a type of exotic and chic hat where you look at it. Basically, it is a cloth rolled up a certain way over the head.

It can be of different fabrics and you can choose it in the color you want. It serves more than anything to frame the face of those who use it in an elegant party context, although it can also be used in more casual looks. It is very canchero.

Its origin is Asian, where it was used by men, but today it stands as a supplement used by women. It is ideal for those parties or events where the brim of hats is discouraged or uncomfortable.

Fedora hat

It is the classic hat model made of felt, with a wide or medium brim. To give you an idea, it is the typical hat that gangsters wore in the first half of the 20th century and that today can be worn equally by men and women.

It is a hat recommended especially for winter. It is warm and it also offers incredible style.

Trilby hat

It is another type of timeless hat. It is the same as the fedora but with a shorter or narrower wing. Arguably it is also a unisex model. The most notable feature of the trilby is that the front wing area slopes downward.

The trilby can be made of different materials: tweed, wool, felt, etc. It is a very versatile hat that you can wear during any time of the year.

Its origin is from the English hunts. Many call it “little fedora” and, between 1960 and 1970, it was considered a feminine hat.

It should be noted that if the front wing of the trilby tilts up, it becomes another type of hat typical of the jazz environment: the player hat.

Cap or beret

If you were looking for a comfortable hat that is easy to carry around, we recommend a type of cap, also known as a beret, which is one of the best options to wear on the head.

In general, the beret was historically associated with sporting events, but became an icon of the “streetstyle” or urban style. The beret adds a chic touch to an elegant sport style and is an infallible weapon against rain or sun.


It became popular in the 1960s thanks to the hippie movement. Its wide brim can be molded (it is not rigid). It is one of the elements that will most add to a bohemian or neo-hippie style, where informality and elegance are mixed in equal measure.

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